08 September 2005

Gilligan Dead at Seventy: FEMA Deflects Blame

You might wonder if Gilligan died while waiting for FEMA to rescue him from the disastrous shipwreck that stranded him and several other caucasions on a remote island. If I were WH Press Secretary Scott McClellan, I would have this to say: "This is no time to play the blame game. At the appropriate time, perhaps December 2008, we will begin to think of possibly looking into what went right and what the challenges were that prohibited an earlier rescue effort to bring passengers of the SS Minnow to safety. This is no time to play the blame game. Did I already say that?"
"[Bob] Denver, of course, played Everyman. The lovable loser, the bumbler. Schlemiel against nature. Week after week, you could count on Gilligan to foul up whatever complicated escape plan his fellow castaways had constructed." - Washington Post
(photo: NBC)