16 August 2005

Public enemy number...1001

Garrison Keillor has got to be the most boring man in media. Nonetheless, he was nearly tossed off the air in Lexington, KY for the most innocuous utterings. The FCC carries a big stick and has struck the fear of God into station managers and those who sign their checks.

In Keillor's case, his audience rose up in protest and had to educate the folks at WUKY-FM. As it turns out "breast" is not a bad word. Who knew? The station was acting preemtively. Not a single listener had complained about his show, "Writers' Almanac."

Having entertained millions without ever becoming a blip on the radar of cool, Keillor seemed proud of the temporary controversy. "You are nobody in radio until you've been fired at least once," he told the Associated Press. Don't get excited Keillor. You are no Howard Stern. (-Cavalier, Arrivals & Departures)

"Recent poems had included words such as 'breast' and the phrase 'get high.' Another included suggestive sexual content" (AP photo)


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