16 January 2007

Sen. Barack Obama explores the inevitable

Sen. Barack Obama announced today that his exploratory committee is fueled up and ready to roll. The rumor mill was churning with news that Obama would announce his decision to run for president on the Oprah Winfrey show later this week.

Fortunately, Obama took his message directly to the people with a videotaped message posted on his Web site. The Washington Post reports that Obama is in Washington today and has no public appearances planned.

True to Obama form, it appears that the Senator will let his Internet statement speak for itself and allow the media to carry his message and wring their hands for a while. Obama says he will say more on Feb. 10 in Illinois.

His strategy is PR gold. Obama's less-is-more style is sure to resonate with voters who are accustomed to having even their spin spun. If he paces himself properly and continues to state the obvious, I would advise the GOP and even old-school Dems to stand clear.

The Bush administration's misteps and the people's lack of faith may result in a powerful shift that will have re-invigorated voters telling masters of the status quo, "don't let the pendulum hit you in the ass on your way out."

-Casey Cavalier, Arrivals & Departures

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