04 July 2005

You say you want a revolution

Measured by modern standards (November 2000 to present), I probably don't meet the criteria to be labeled a "Patriot." What gives me the most pride is the spirit behind the creation of our country. It's an amazing story. Unfortunately, too much distance has come between the founders' intentions and where we stand today.

It took a revolution to liberate the colonies. Not everybody was on board with the idea of independence, but the revolution sprung from necessity. Revolution is a sexy word, but it doesn't get much play these days. Or does it?

Some may claim James Dyson's yellow vacuum is a revolution in the world of suction-producing appliances. Being able to clean your toilet and then flush the brush is a bit revolutionary. The word, you see, has lost its mojo. It's been left in the care of advertising copywriters until we decide we need it again.

Are you sure you want a revolution?


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